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I have been a student of the horse for over 45 years. Riding before I could walk and learning from each one. I have also continued my education and expanded my knowledge by attending and working with many of the top clinicians in the country. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with people and their horses. I continue to study with True Masters for myself, my students and the horses.

I believe that horses were put on this Earth to help people learn to be better people. Horses can help us find our inner betrayals, so we can change our behavior and attitudes towards the world around us. A horse will accept our leadership if, we prove we are a trust-worthy leader and consider the horses' natural ways. They have a strong sense of self-preservation and are extremely perceptive. They use their body language to communicate their feelings and they never lie.

Sweetwater Farm has hosted many clinics and workshops over the last 20 years. I was honored to host a clinic for the late legendary horseman Ray Hunt in 2007 and I am proud to have been one of Peter Campbell's longest clinic host. Peter has done clinics here at Sweetwater Farm since 1999. His untimely death has cause us great sadness. Another great
horseman with so much knowledge and love for the horse has left us. We must carry on with what Tom Dorrance started for the horse.

When a person allows a horse to keep his dignity and sense of self-preservation (mind, body and spirit) his world will open up to you.